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Snatch your sexy back

Don’t let age stop you from getting the body you want

I help women in their 40s and 50s achieve optimal health be comfortable with their bodies, and finally regain confidence. With customized nutrition, personalized coaching, and weekly accountability, our coaching program was made specifically with you in mind. 


This might not be the first time you’ve tried to lose weight…But it will be the last.


Let’s get real for a second.


This is not the first time you’ve tried to lose weight. But you’re still here because you haven’t succeeded yet.


It’s not your fault. 

There is a lot of misinformation out there on the internet. It can leave you overwhelmed and confused. As a health coach for women over 40, most of my clients were also misled before they came to me.


The diet industry has convinced you that you can’t lose weight without cutting out bread, sugar, pasta, pizza, and everything you love. That depriving yourself is the only solution.


The fitness industry has convinced you that doing hours of intense cardio is the answer to all your weight loss woes.


It’s not hard to see why you are stuck in a cycle of yo-yo dieting, gaining your weight back soon after you lose it. It is enough to leave anyone confused about what foods to eat. Worse, it can make you hate your journey to optimal health.


When you’ve tried to lose weight and failed, it can feel like you’ll never lose it at all. That you’re stuck forever with feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable with your body.

It’s time to transform your body and your beliefs


It’s no surprise that when you’re over 40, there are some extra things you need to consider when you try to achieve optimal health due to lifestyle and hormonal shifts. 


You think you are no longer as young as you were. You believe high-impact workouts can leave your knees in pain and think it's not a viable option. You feel the only solution is a restrictive diet that makes it impossible to enjoy a good meal with your family and at social events.

At your age, your lifestyle choices and family history can be a factor in bringing on metabolic disorders like high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and diabetes. These put you at risk for more significant complications further down the line. This makes it all the more important to get your nutrition correctly to improve your health.


When we talk of health coaching for women over 40 like you, it is so much more than about losing weight. It’s about getting your confidence back. It’s about aging gracefully. It’s about living long and healthy lives, keeping up with your children, and living life on your terms. The way you really want to. 


But when you’ve tried and failed repeatedly, it can feel like your age is holding you back. That women in their 40’s plus can’t lose weight. 


But it’s not true! 

Like many women I’ve worked with, losing weight for women over 40 is achievable. You just need the correct information about nutrition and a hand to hold you accountable. If they did it, you could do it too.


Your health journey doesn’t need to be complicated. It needs to be sustainable. And it needs to be unique to you.


A cookie-cutter approach can never bring you long-term success.


Imagine losing all your unwanted weight and keeping it off. Waking up to a confident and new you. Fitting into your old clothes again. Looking in the mirror and loving your reflection. 


With the proper guidance, it’s about to be easier than you think.

Book free Consultation call

How it works?

Fill up a questionnaire.

Before our call, you fill in the questionnaire with your details, goals, and the roadblocks you previously faced in your health journey. These help me understand how I can help you.

Hop on a call to check if we are a good fit.

After the basic information from the questionnaire, we get on a call. The call is to check whether my program would benefit you or not. I figure out where you are on your health journey and discuss what I offer in my coaching program.

Get started right away.

If you are fit for my program, you can get started immediately with my coaching plan.

However, if my program is unsuitable for your specific needs, you can still join my free Facebook group. There you will find your community of other beautiful women like you who are also on their health journey.

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A Word from Our Trainees

Fitness Portrait

- Andrae B.

"Lee is an exceptional nutritionist. My blood sugar was super high and I asked Lee did she have any suggestions. She said two things that changed my life. She said, stop eating lots of carbohydrates and quit sugar. It wasn't what my body liked but I need direction and after 30days,  my blood sugar dropped to normal range. Being diabetic, I have always had trouble with my blood sugar. But after Lee's suggestions, I am confident about keeping my blood sugar in a normal range. Thank you, Lee, you're awesome!"

- Karen R.

"My confidence has grown from strength, both physically and mentally, after having a major heart attack and a stent put in 10 months ago. What she has taught me is life-changing. She is one in a million, and I feel very privileged to have worked with her. The knowledge that she has is outstanding, she has a very special gift. Anyone she works with in the future will be very fortunate to have her."

- Jena 

"Lee has been such an encouragement to me in this journey of prioritizing my health! I have lost close to 40 pounds and it feels good. Lee’s coaching challenges me, especially to think carefully about what I eat. I think the combinations of proteins and fats with fruit or carbs really works. Lee helps me focus on self care whether it’s sleep, exercise or even just drinking more water. I’m grateful for all the specific tips, recipes and exercise ideas that Lee regularly sends to me. 
Now that I have learned healthier habits, I hope I can maintain my weight loss and continue to prioritize my health!"

- Spring A.

"The 21-day challenge helped me to develop a mindset shift on being committed to the process of improving my health.  I’ve engaged in many diets and challenges before, but the results were short-lived because I wasn’t committed to the process.  I often gave into my emotions, food cravings, feelings of change not being possible, and just wanting to enjoy whatever I wanted to eat. However, Lee’s coaching encouraged me to tap into my innermost feelings/thoughts and deciding how important my ‘why’ is for the transformation.  I began thinking about my actions and how those actions affect my results and accepting the responsibility of the results due to me not being committed to the process.  Many say that success is 80% diet and 20% exercise, but for me, that 80% is tied to having the right mindset shift in order to make the right decisions around food.  Although I said with my lips that I wanted better health if I hadn’t made up my mind.  I’ve allowed myself to succumb to the food cravings & urges – especially when stressful situations in life aroused.  This was my biggest takeaway from the challenge – to change my mindset. I am so thankful to Lee for helping me realize this; my decisions are better and I’m clear on what it will take to arrive at my goal; now I’m better equipped for this long-distance race. My body transformation is well on the way and I know that this time will be different because my mind is stronger.  Lee gave me just what I needed!"


Are you ready to kickstart your journey to a healthier, happier, and more confident you?

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